Access to Work

access-to-workAccess to Work aims to provide advice and support to both you and your employer if your health or disability has an impact on the way you do your job.


You may be eligible for support from Access to Work if you’re:

  • in a paid job
  • unemployed and about to start a job
  • unemployed and about to start a work trial
  • self-employed

And your disability or health condition stops you from being able to do parts of your job.

Visit the website to see if you are eligible to apply for the scheme. If so, you can download a letter about the scheme to show potential employers.

Next Steps

Contact your regional Access to Work contact centre to find out if you are eligible. If so, you will be sent an application form to complete and return. An Access to Work adviser will then work with you and your employer to decide on the best solution to support you.

This is generally done over the telephone, but may involve a visit if necessary.

Once approval for the support has been given, it is your employer’s responsibility to arrange for the support and purchase any necessary equipment. They then claim the costs back through Access to Work.

Find out more about this scheme at

Cumbria Mobility are a supplier of powered and manual wheelchairs which enable people with access issues easy solutions regarding both commuting and also within the workplace.

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