How Cumbria Mobility helped improve a little boy’s life

How Cumbria Mobility helped improve a little boy’s life
25 Oct 2016

Every day, the Cumbria Mobility team gets to help people with mobility issues and disabilities living in Cumbria, Lancashire, and Yorkshire to lead more independent lives. While the majority of our customers are adults and teenagers, every now and then, we get the pleasure of serving younger clients and their families. However, it’s not very often that you meet a youngster like Noah Wall, who’s a very special little boy from Abbeytown in Cumbria.

Four-year-old Noah was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, as well as a back quarter of his brain missing, and he’s been through multiple operations since he was just a few days old. His movement is severely restricted, and his mum has to turn him over during the night as he’s unable to do it himself.

This little boy’s sad yet inspirational story has spread quickly throughout the North-West of England, aided by the blog his family has set up. Hugs for Noah aims to raise awareness of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, Now millions of people across the UK are familiar with Noah’s story after he appeared on a Channel 5 television programme called “The Boy with No Brain” in October 2016.

As one of our two shops is located in Noah’s local area (N.B., we have stores in both Carlisle and Morecambe), the Cumbria Mobility team decided that we wanted to do something special for him. By working together with one of our key mobility products’ manufacturers, Sunrise Medical, we were able to identify a children’s buggy which could really help make day-to-day living for both Noah and his family that bit easier.

We were lucky enough to present Noah with his Zippie Voyage Early Intervention Stroller at an event organised by Age UK West Cumbria in Workington on 18th October 2016. From the pictures you can see on our website, Noah already seems smitten with the new addition to his family.

The Zippie Voyage Early Intervention Stroller might look like any other buggy, but it’s actually so much more. It incorporates the Zippie Voyage seat system, which allows you to recline and tilt the stroller as required using an easy-to-access trigger handle to enable improved feeding, digestion, visual orientation, and respiratory function. Its quick-fold design makes it lightweight and compact to transport. Plus, you can position the seat to face forwards or backwards in one easy step thanks to the Slide-N-Lock seat adapter that comes as standard with the  Zippie Voyage Early Intervention Stroller.

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