Discover YOU-Q Powered Wheelchairs at Cumbria Mobility

Discover YOU-Q Powered Wheelchairs at Cumbria Mobility
11 Nov 2016

As a stockist of Sunrise Medical products that cater for a variety of disabilities and mobility issues, Cumbria Mobility is pleased to announce the introduction of a brand-new range of powered wheelchairs from Sunrise called YOU-Q, which are now available to view at our Morecambe and Carlisle stores or via an at-home demonstration.

YOU-Q Powered wheelchairs are designed to help you live as independently as possible, whether you’re indoors or outside. As well as offering you a choice of drive bases, controls, seating systems, and optional accessories that fit your needs, and excellent stability and safety, YOU-Q powered wheelchairs from Sunrise allow your personality to shine through by giving you a choice of colours to customise your chair with.

There are five different versions of the YOU-Q powered wheelchair to choose from depending on your mobility needs: Luca, Luca XL, Alex, Samm, and XP.

Luca is proving to be a popular choice due to its simple, reliable and ultra-manoeuvrable design. The one-piece frame comes in five different colours (dark grey, white, red, blue, and purple), and both the 6 km/h and 10 km/h models can be ordered with rear-wheel, front-wheel, or mid-wheel drive. You can also opt for the E-Qlass seating system or the more comfortable and luxurious Qlass system.

Luca XL
The mid-wheel Luca XL is better equipped for heavy-duty use and users that weigh up to 250kg. It boasts excellent outdoor performance and exceptional manoeuvrability, and also comes with a fully adjustable seating system.

Alex is a powerchair that knows no limits. It’s as flexible inside as it is outdoors thanks to its shock-absorbing VIA suspension and ability to switch from front-wheel to rear-wheel drive depending on your requirements and terrain. If you’re looking for a jolt-free chair due to injuries or painful ailments, or if you enjoy taking part in wheelchair sports, Alex is an obvious choice.

Samm is a mid-wheel powered wheelchair that uses six-wheel VIA suspension and the Qlass seating system to allow you to manoeuvre and turn around your own axis with ease and minimal discomfort.

The standard model of the XP chair uses rear-wheel drive but you can request the front-wheel drive model at no extra cost. It features removable armrests, the comfortable and individually adjustable Qlass seating system, and simple controls that making driving it a pleasure. The XP is also one of the most compact powered wheelchairs in the Sunrise YOU-Q range, which means that it’s ideal for negotiating tight spaces indoors.

Find the right YOU-Q powered wheelchair for your needs today
With over fifteen years’ experience in helping people in the Carlisle and Morecambe area with mobility and disability issues, as well as working alongside occupational therapists, Cumbria Mobility has the knowledge and products to help you find your perfect powered wheelchair and accessories. As well as the YOU-Q range from Sunrise, we stock chairs from Ottobock, Invacare, Jazzy, Zippie, and Quickie. Many models can be viewed in our Carlisle and Morecambe stores, or you can request a home appointment by contacting Cumbria Mobility online or on 01228 538383 (Carlisle) or 01524 831760 (Morecambe) today.