Invacare launches new ‘Simply SMART’ powerchair control

23 Aug 2016

New Invacare LiNX combines intelligent technology that is easy to understand and use to produce a revolutionary control system that is ‘Simply Smart’.

“We have developed LiNX from extensive customer feedback, and emphasis has been placed on providing a powerchair control system that is reliable, easy to use and simple to understand for our customers. The ground breaking result is a consistently high performing drive experience that will help boost all round confidence for the individual.” explained Graham Silverthorn Product Specialist, Invacare Powerchairs.

New LiNX technology features a low force joystick to provide confidence of being in total control.  It improves hold on slopes and gives a more accurate drive at low speeds to eliminate anything unexpected. Predictability and reliability are key features of the new Invacare LiNX.

The powerchair control joystick provides a clear, icon based layout to ensure information is displayed in a format that is simple to interpret. A physical speed dial, accurate battery gauge and brightly lit icons ensure all the information required to know how the powerchair will perform can be seen at a glance.

Invacare LiNX technology constantly evaluates the way the powerchair is driven and the way it is performing, providing a consistently comfortable drive experience.
Utilising Bluetooth technology, LiNX can be programmed quickly and wirelessly. Parameters can be tweaked subtly or adjusted radically to ensure each individual has the suitable drive functions to suit them, their ability, their powerchair and their environment.

The Invacare LiNX powerchair control system is ready to revolutionise Invacare powerchairs to Simply Smart powerchairs.

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