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Invacare Colibri

The kind of Scooter you want to drive The new Invacare Colibri is a stylish and colourful boot scooter, designed for those who enjoy their independence. Its flexibility means the scooter fits around your lifestyle whilst remaining effortless to use. The Invacare Colibri is all about choices. So depending on where you go, how far you travel and what your favourite colour is, Colibri has something for you. Thanks to the unique Invacare LiteLock™ system the scooter can easily be taken apart without the need for tools and fits neatly into any car boot. You can choose from a range of modern colour panels to match.

As well as functionality, style is also a prominent aspect of the Colibri with the aesthetically pleasing body and stylish yet extremely comfortable seat giving the scooter a modern look. Furthermore, it is also possible for the user to swap the colour panels at will to create the look they desire, and as with disassembling the Colibri’s body, no tools are needed as the simple clip-on mechanism easily holds everything securely in place.



Technical Specifation

Length 101.00cm / 39.76″
Width 50.50cm / 19.88″
Weight 44.00kg / 97.00lbs
Heaviest Component 15.60kg / 34.39lbs
Maximum Capacity 135.00kg / 21.26st
Maximum Range 8.00miles / 12.87km
Maximum Speed 4.00mph / 6.44kph
Maximum Safe Slope
Turning Radius 127.00cm / 50.00″
Battery 2 x 12 A
Ground Clearance 6.00cm / 2.36″