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Invacare® Rea Azalea Max

Rea Azalea Max

Highly adjustable, custom designed, ultimate support and comfort.

The Invacare Rea passive chairs offer the user ultimate comfort along the widest selections of models, compatibility and customization options across the range.  The range of Rea chairs have been designed by Invacare to meet users who have specific needs and have developed each chair to be highly adjustable to provide the best fit for a wide range of individuals.  All chairs can be quickly adjusted, and come with the Invacare Dual Stability System® (DSS) and are proven to be safe and durable.

Rea Azalea Max.

Invacare have gone a step further when creating the Rea Azalea to provide for an even wider range of individuals.  The Rea Azalea Max has been specifically designed for the bariatric user.  It provides the option of a seat to meet the specific needs of the heavier person, giving you the best in comfort and support and boasting all the advantages of a reliable, tiltable wheelchair with its special weight-shifting mechanism. It is also available with a tension adjustable backrest.

It’s all about comfort.

The Invacare Rea Azalea has been specifically designed to be highly adjustable in many ways.  In order to provide the individual with the perfect fit and posture support, the Azalia offers width and depth adjustment to the seat area as well as offering the same adjustments to the backrest.  Allowing these adjustments to be independent to one another provides the user with a unique combination of postural support and comfort.

The Azalea Self Propel and Azalea Transit.

As well as Invacare providing extremely adjustable seating options to meet the needs of the individual, Invacare have gone further with providing options on how you use your chair.  The Azalea can be fitted with two types of wheel to provide for active and passive users.  The Azalea Self Propel is fitted with large rear wheels, great for the moderately active client.  The Azalea transit shares the frame of the Azalea Rea Self Propel but is mounted with smaller rear wheels for the passive user.

Technical Information

Features :

  • Custom designed seat for bariatric users.
  • Invacare® Flex2 assortment.  Interchangeable seat system, with optional seat solutions.
  • Length compensation.  Adaptability for ultimate support.
  • Sliding balance point.  Stability and driving performance even when seat is tilted
  • Minimized lifting at the front.  Designed to give a minimum increased height at the front of the seat when tilted.
  • Seat size.  Fully adjustable seat to meet individual needs.
  • Rear wheel adjustment.

Technical specifications :

  • Seat width : 550; 610 + 50 mm
  • Seat depth : 530 – 600 mm
  • Seat height : 400 / 450 mm
  • Backrest height : 500 + 80 mm
  • Seat Adjustment:  320 – 420 mm
  • Leg Adjustment:  330 – 500 mm
  • Leg Tilt:  1° – 20°
  • Back Rest Tilt:  0°-30°
  • Total width : SW + 250 mm
  • Total height: 1020 – 1240 mm
  • Total length : 1050 – 1120 mm
  • Total weight: 54 kg
  • Max. User weight : max. 180 kg (28.34 stone)