Ottobock Cloud Cushion

High quality innovative design for comfort and pressure distribution.

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Cloud Cushion

The Ottobock Cloud Cushion has been developed especially for users who are in need of high quality pressure redistribution over bony prominences; this includes trochanters and is also recommended for users who have a high risk of pressure ulcers.  The Cloud Cushion has been created with individual Ottobock Floam cells to ensure an excellent level of stability.  For example, users who need easy adjustment and transfers for postural deformities such as pelvic obliquity.

The Cloud cushion is available in a variety of sizes.  Recommended for users who are at risk of decubitus (neurological and elderly) and users in need of shear protection.

  • Users at risk of decubitus
  • Users requiring shear protection
  • Postural deformity
  • Max user weight: 250kg
  • Sizes available from 300 x 300 mm (9 Floam cells) to 580 x 400 mm (30 Floam cells)