Quickie Jive M Hybrid

Jive M Hybrid Mid-Wheel Powered Wheelchair

Powerchair performance that rocks

The Quickie Jive M Hybrid combines our bestselling seating and highest performing base. It is the perfect Hybrid for outdoor and indoor use!

The Quickie Jive M Hybrid offers our most extreme performance outdoors and over rough terrain. Incorporating true Hybrid technology, the unique mid-wheel drive base provides exceptional indoor agility with an ultra-small turning circle turning on its own axis, narrow width and low seat-to-floor height. Going out? The patented SpiderTrac suspension helps to navigate onto and over steep transitions smoothly, without forward pitching or instability.

SpiderTrac Suspension

By maximising the articulation range of the front/rear castors, the Quickie Jive M Hybrid powered wheelchair has a spider-like ability to crawl smoothly onto and over steep transitions – so when you’re ascending or descending a kerb, the gas dampener cushions the impact of the castor wheel, keeping you seated and comfortable in a stable position.

Hybrid Seating System

Hybrid Seating System
We believe that you should ride in style and comfort and with our most popular seating this is possible. It is perfect for users that like the matt black finish and it comes with the option of a tension adjustable back or JAY comfort seating.

The Powered Wheelchair that’s Intuitive to Drive

Due to its tight turning circle, the Quickie JIVE M Hybrid powered wheelchair is intuitive to drive as you don’t need to consider additional space for swinging the wheelchair around (ideal for those who may have difficulty driving a powered wheelchair or using switches/head controls). Your seated position also adds more weight on the mid wheel drive wheel – perfect for increasing traction and decreasing sliding when outdoors.

Expand your control system with R-Net

Assign commonly used commands or settings to a single button, control Windows/Android based PC’s, tablets or smart phones with Bluetooth connectivity, interact with environmental controls or even customise the way you control your JIVE-M powered wheelchair with speciality controls – with R-Net the possibilities are endless.



Technical Specifation

Seat Width: 410mm – 510mm (41cm – 51cm)
Seat Depth: 410mm – 510mm (41cm – 51cm)
Speed: 6kph, 10kph and 13kph
Battery Size: 60Ah / 72Ah
Turning Radius: 560mm (56cm)
Max. Safe Slope: 18%
Max Kerb Climb: 100mm (10cm)
Max. User Weight: 140kg (22 stone)