Alber add-on kits are powerful mobility devices that can be combined with a large variety of manual wheelchairs. Electric stair-climbing aid, pushing wheelchairs, automatic breaking function, drive wheels, battery pack, joystick controller… can all be removed in seconds and are easy to transport!

Wheelchairs differ in many ways – On the market a huge amount of manufacturers and models with different characteristics, such as weight and seat adjustment, can be found. Some of them are made for persons in need of intensive care, some of them are designed for very active persons using the wheelchair all day long.

In order to cover the individual needs of wheelchair occupants Alber offers a variety of add-on drives and portable wheelchair motors that enlarge the benefit of a manual wheelchair.

  • If an attendant of a wheelchair occupant has difficulties to push a wheelchair over a longer distance, Alber offers two different series of push aids.
  • Persons lacking in physical strength to propel a manual wheelchair all day long can rely on the power assist e-motion or convert thanks to e-fix a manual wheelchair into a portable lightweight power chair.

All power add-on drives from Alber can be retrofit to an existing wheelchair with a special bracket. The wheelchair does not need to be modified and maintains its characteristics such as portability.

Products from Alber have been tested and certified by independent testing institutes. Alber attaches highest value and the quality and reliability of the product range made in Germany.

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