Alber e-motion M15

E-motion merges active mobility with therapeutic benefit with its power assist wheels that provide easy motion in just one push. It's ideal for individuals with impaired strength as the power assist wheels require little effort. It features a modern drive concept based on a powerful electric motor inside the wheel hubs. E -motion will fit almost every standard manual wheelchair and it is easy to dismantle for transportation.

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Push more easily.
Alber e-motion merges active mobility with therapeutic benefit. Even wheelchair users with impaired strength can move around independently with the help of e-motion. Users have the opportunity to stay mobile while exercising their vital functions. The load on muscles and joints is reduced. Only minimal force is required to self propel the chair and the user‘s active range is increased. e-motion makes a vital contribution to its owner’s independence.

A manual wheelchair with extra thrust.
Thanks to the gear less drive technology and the exceptionally low noise level, you can get to where you want to discreetly and quietly. e-motion has electric motors integrated in the wheel hubs to assist the wheelchair user’s pushing force. Each stroke on the push rim is detected by e-motion’s intelligent sensors and converted to precisely the required degree of power assistance – a kind of power steering function for wheelchairs. With this extra thrust, even long distances, ramps or slopes can be overcome without having to rely on a helper. e-motion even lets you go downhill: its power assistance boosts the braking force, so that going down a steep slope is not only safe but also a relaxing experience. The energy for this purpose is supplied by ultra high-power lithium-ion batteries, so that a wide active range and unprecedented durability are guaranteed.

State-of-the-art battery technology.
The lithium-ion batteries integrated in the wheels are a world first from Alber. They provide a significantly extended range and last much longer than conventional battery types. Short charging times with no memory effect – enjoy the benefits of full battery power!

Technical Information

Batteries 25.2 V; 6.0 Ah; Lithium-ions, leak-proof and maintenance-free
Charger (input) 100-240 V AC
Charger (output) 30 V DC
Operating voltage 25.2 V
Speed support 0 – 3.73 mph
Power-rating 2 x 60W
Climbing capability restricted to wheelchair model
Range (1) approx. 15.53 miles
Maximum permitted total weight 286 lbs
Weight of components:
Wheels (2) each 22 lb
(1) According to ISO 7176-4