Avantgarde CLT
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Avantgarde CLT

Avantgarde CLT – The lightweight

Completing the range is the ultra-light Avantgarde CLT, which has a tubular aluminium frame and a drive wheel adapter that supports fine tuning of the tipping point, wheelbase and seat angle.

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Demonstrating individuality has never been easier: At just 9,200 grams, the CLT is the lightweight of the new Avantgarde series. This significant weight advantage of the folding frame active wheelchair is achieved through the modular lightweight design and tubular aluminium frame with central double cross brace. A drive wheel adapter supports fine-tuning of the tipping point, wheelbase, seat angle, wheel camber and toe-in. For experienced users who are confident in their sitting position, a permanently welded version without adapters is available as an alternative offering an even further weight reduction.

Technical Details

Basic technical data for Avantgarde manual wheelchair

Technical info CV CS CLT
Load capacity 140 kg 140 kg 100 kg
Weight approx 12 kg 11 kg 10 kg (adjustable)
Weight welded approx 9 kg
Transport weight
Frame approx 7.800 g 8.500 g 8.000 g (adjustable)
Frame welded approx 7.000 g
Footrest approx 900 g
Drive wheel from 1.250 g 1.250 g 1.250 g