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Kuschall Champion Folding Rigid Wheelchair

The Kuschall Champion is the rigid chair – that folds!

The Kuschall Compact is the ideal folding wheelchair for active users who expect the best quality and functionality without compromise on weight. With only 11.2 kg (in seat width 36cm, standard configuration), it is easier than ever to handle and load the Compact into a car.

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The Kuschall Champion is a lightweight folding wheelchair with the driving performance and stability of a rigid wheelchair.  Features of the chair include stepless adjustments at the front and rear and easy positioning of the centre of gravity.  The Champion has a unique folding mechanism meaning the chair turns in to one of the smallest active chairs possible.

The Kuschall Champion is the rigid chair – that folds! This redesigned, new generation product sets the standard at the highest possible level. Experience the driving performance, stability and style of a fixed frame chair with all the benefits of one that folds.

The kuschall Champion can easily be transported thanks to its unique folding mechanism which folds the chair to minimum size. The one hand pull folding mechanism simultaneously folds both the backrest and the chair! A Velcro strap then holds the frame closed. A carbon chassis helps reduce the overall weight and improves handling ability. The axle mounting plate allows adjustment of the angle and height of the backrest, giving an enhanced riding position. And with a new fixation clip to secure the chair into its folded position the Champion can be safely stored within seconds.

The dynamic design created for travel

The Titanium and Carbon Frame options are scratch resistant and strong making it ideal for the active user.  The unique design is available with 6 colour power sets, 9 seating position options and a variety of other options meaning the chair can be tailored to suit the users needs.

Technical Information

Frame Angle: 75° / 85° Al & Ti (Straight or Tapered) 85° Ca
Seat Width: 360 – 460 mm, Al, Ti & Ca, 400 – 480 mm Tapered in Increments of 20 mm
Seat Depth: 340 – 480 mm Al, 340 – 460 mm Ti, 400 – 460 mm Ca in increments of 20 mm
Seat Height Front: 450 – 540 mm in increments of 10 mm
Seat Height Rear: 390 – 490 mm in increments of 10 mm
Knee-to-heel Length: 320 – 500 mm in increments of 10 mm
Backrest Height: 300 – 465 mm in increments of 15 mm
Total Weight Unloaded: 9.2 kg
Transport Weight (without rear wheels): 6.7 kg
Max User Weight: 120 kg