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Alber Twion M24

The Smart way to power your independence

The new Alber Twion M24 power assist wheels are a revolutionary new product for active wheelchair drivers.

The power drives are contained within the wheel hub and provide effortless motion with just one push. Using the latest technology Twion features smartphone connectivity to adjust settings, record journeys, view battery life, view diagnostics and even remote control your wheelchair.

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The effective motors speed the wheelchair up to 6 km/h (standard) or optionally up to 10 km/h. The efficient energy recovery system feeds energy back into the batteries whilst in the process of braking which gives a 10% range extension for extra freedom.


The intelligent technology of the twion builds an ideal combination of cars or public transport with ultimate flexibility. At the press of a button, the wheels are easily detached for compact loading. High-tensile aluminium alloys, high-tech plastics and the latest digital monitor technology have been used. At 6 kg (depending on the equipment version) including the battery, the wheels are lightweight.


At present, Smartphones play a large role as communication and organisation centres, so it is logical that Alber offer its service digitally too. All you have to do is download the twion mobility app for free from the Google Play Store onto your android-capable Smartphone and you are able to use the all-round service at any time. For example; if a service is required, the diagnostic checklist will help to localise any errors in the wheels and if necessary, set up a direct contact to Alber service team.

With the mobility plus package available, you are able to use even more features in the app and communicate directly with the twion wheels via your Smartphone. This way, you will receive all important information such as distance travelled, battery charging level or calories burned. The running profile can be set to personal requirements or trips can be recorded and saved via GPS for sportier types.


Wheelchairs which are equipped with the twion drive wheels are able to be remotely controlled via Smartphone due to the new Blue Drive function. The built in inclination sensors ensure that even the slight tilt of the Smartphone in the required direction of travel sets the wheelchair in motion. A virtual joystick is available as an alternative means of control.


The twion has a blend of smooth transitions and discrete colour combinations which are high quality processing, yet intuitive and user-friendly. Alber set the highest quality standards for the materials used and the design. Moreover, two different colours and tyre specifications are available which ensure that each design wish of yours is accomplished.


Twion is suitable for almost all standard wheelchairs. This means that existing, individually adapted wheelchairs are able to be continually used as normal. This is because of a small and light bracket which is easily attached to the wheelchair frame. The quick release axle system is very user-friendly and it ensures flexible interworking of the manual wheels and the Twion ones.


  • Battery / Distance Range
    12 - 20 km
  • Max Speed
    Up to 6 km/h (3.7 mph), optionally 10 km/h (6.2 mph) with Mobility Plus Package
  • Weight
    Weight per wheel: From 6 kg
  • Additional Information
    Connectivity: Bluetooth (Android Smartphones)

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