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Alber Via Plus V12

The Perfect Power Assistant

This basic pushing and braking assists carers when manoeuvring a wheelchair.

It's ideal for comfort wheelchairs and provides simple to use powered assistance that makes pushing a wheelchair much easier. With simple to use controls and an automatic braking function it provides safe downhill manoeuvring and negotiation of slopes and ramps.

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Wheelchair pushing the easy way.

Pushing and braking could be so easy. Comfort wheel-chairs offer users great comfort but sometimes pushing these wheelchair can be a strenuous job for the attendant.

Alber via plus V12, the push and brake aid for comfort wheelchairs, offers attendants the assistance they need when pushing this type of wheelchair. What's more, the automatic braking function eliminates downhill worries and enables the safe negotiation of slopes and ramps. However, the via plus not only benefits the attendant: it also gives the wheelchair user the opportunity for a fuller social life because frequent excursions with the wheelchair are no longer a problem now that handling the wheelchair is so much easier for the attendant.

Unlike many other push and brake aids, the via plus does not impede the adjust ability of a tilt in space wheelchair (with a seat height of 45 cm). All of the wheelchair's functions remain accessible. That's why the via plus can simply be left on the wheelchair after a walk without restricting the use of its functions.

Via plus is also used in residential homes. With it, pushing the wheelchairs becomes an effortless task and lightens the load for the staff.

Easy to push. Easy to operate.

The handy controls of the via plus fit onto the handle of the wheelchair without impeding the use of the wheelchair's functions. The wheelchair is propelled forwards by light thumb pressure on the operating lever, making fatigue-free operation possible even on longer journeys. The chair is put into reverse by pulling the operating lever upwards. And for indoor manoeuvring without the aid of the via plus, the drive wheels can simply be raised by pushing down on the pedal.

One-hand control.

The wheelchair's functions are all clearly marked on a handy, non-slip grip control knob that can be operated with just one hand - for easiest possible use from the word go. The rechargeable battery of the via plus is mounted inconspicuously below the seat of the wheelchair and is powerful enough for even long walks. It can be quickly and easily recharged using the battery charger supplied with it.


  • Maximum User Weight
    Azalea 135Kg, Clematis 125Kg
  • Battery
    24V / 12Ah
  • Battery Weight
  • Battery / Distance Range
  • Max Speed
  • Weight
    Weight of unit 20Kg, Drive unit 10.7Kg
  • Max Incline
  • Additional Information
    Customer Notice: Please note this is for the Via plus V12 power pack only and the wheelchair is sold separately.

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