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Alber e-fix

Experience mobility - pure and simple

Enjoy a new degree of mobility. With e-fix, the electrical add-on drive for your wheelchair, you can cover longer distances quickly and easily.

The conversion is so easy: your specialist dealer will simply swap the drive wheels and install the battery pack and control unit - all done. The motors are neatly concealed within the wheel hubs.

Almost all current types of wheelchairs can be retrofitted with e-fix in this way. This means that you can continue to use a wheelchair that has been optimally adjusted to suit you. e-fix takes you effortlessly to your destination: whether in the house, while shopping, or when travelling by car.

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Stay flexible - two wheelchairs in one! The Alber e-fix is also very easy to push by hand if the situation requires it: just uncouple the drive wheels with a simple movement and your wheelchair can be propelled manually in the usual way - either by using the push rims or by another person pushing.

Key Features:


The drive wheels easy to fix onto the wheelchair with quick-lock release fasteners and just as easy to remove again in a moment to save space in transport.


The control unit with large and reliable battery status display, individually adjustable driving characteristics and ergonomically arranged controls.


The battery pack suspended under the seat to save space and allows a range of up to 16 km.


Simply easy to use.

It's so easy to control your wheelchair with e-fix you can get used to it almost at once. The speed can be varied continuously from 0.6 to 6 km/h (0.37 to 3.7 mph) through a controller that is easy to operate. The lower the speed selected, the more manoeuvrable the driving behaviour. You steer and the e-fix thinks for you!

In addition the compact control unit offers you excellent comfort. Its clear, backlit colour display shows all the important information, such as battery capacity and speed, at a single glance. And if you so wish, you can adapt the e-fix to your personal requirements using the intuitive menu navigation. Moreover, additional smart features are included, such as integrated peripheral lighting, which illuminates your path in the dark.

Light and convenient.

At only 2 kg, the battery pack of your e-fix is extremely light, and at 8 cm wide, exceptionally slimline as well. Thanks to its cleverly designed battery mount, one hand is enough for installation and removal. Most folding wheelchairs can even be folded up with the battery in place.

More freedom in daily life.

The two quiet but powerful drive units make e-fix an ideal companion both outdoors and inside. Turning on the spot and manoeuvring in confined spaces, or safely and powerfully negotiating slopes - neither are a problem for e-fix.

Configure e-fix to your individual needs.

E-fix can be adapted to your requirements - whether gentle or sporty: The drive unit can be individually programmed. In this way, its driving characteristics can be tailored to suit you. The control unit can be attached to suit both left-handed or right handed users. With the optionally available heavy duty drive wheels with more power, e-fix can be used by people weighing up to 160 kg.

The optional available intuitive attendant control makes the e-fix a perfect push and brake aid for your companion. There is a comprehensive range of accessories to make life easier for you and to provide more comfort.

So small. So good.

Low weight, no tools necessary. To load, just undo the quick-lock release fasteners and remove the e-fix components from the wheelchair. No part weighs more than 7.8 kg and everything finds space in the back of any car. Your e-fix is just as quick and easy to reassemble when at your destination.

How far can I travel on a single battery charge?

Depending on the weight of the person, the sort of terrain, the temperature, the wheelchair settings and the surface of the ground, one charging of the battery is good for up to 16 km (10 miles). You can increase the range up to 22 km (13 miles) with the optionally available high capacity battery pack. Alternatively, an additional spare battery is another simple solution to increase the range.


  • Maximum User Weight
    120 kg - 160 kg
  • Battery Weight
    2.0 kg / 4.4 lbs
  • Weight Limit
    170 kg - 210 kg (incl. e-fix, wheelchair, wheelchair driver)
  • Width
    Drive wheels: 7.8 kg / 17 lb each, Control unit: 0.6 kg / 1.3 lbs, Interface: 0.7 kg / 1.5 lbs
  • Total Weight
    18.9 kg / 41 lbs

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