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Kuschall K-Series

Breakthrough engineering for exceptional strength and performance

The Kuschall K-Series is for anyone, of any age who demands effortless mobility combined with great style.

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The Kuschall K-Series represents a breakthrough in innovative wheelchair design, suitable for highly active people who demand aesthetic appeal together with exceptional strength and performance. Versatile and configurable to suit a wide range of personal requirements, the Kuschall K-Series is for anyone, of any age who demands effortless mobility combined with great style.

A great piece of engineering, weighing in at just 7.9kg.

The technology of the K-Series, which makes it incomparably versatile, with quick handling, has been proven over the course of around 20 years. The whole frame, right down to the front forks, is made from a single piece. This makes for superior handling first and foremost.

Pretty good-looking. Strong.

The "minimal frame design" combines lightness and aesthetics with exceptional stability. It is precisely for this reason that you can choose the material of your frame yourself from a selection of aluminium, titanium and carbon. And with a new frame you will need even less room in the front part of the wheelchair.

Sit. Easy.

Our engineers have come up with something very special in the design of this wheelchair. Thanks to the special design of the K-Series, all the adjustments are made only from the seat module - the frame stays just as it is. And should you ever need to change the centre of gravity, then you can easily alter it with five positions on the seat module. And everything else stays just the way it is.

Elegant and unobtrusive.

We know how much value you place on a comprehensive design. And that's why we have built the K-Series so that all the configuration options are inconspicuous, but located just where they belong. Care has been taken over even the smallest detail, so for example, the setting of the rear bracket is practically invisible. The K-Series has some even bigger ideas hidden away.


  • Maximum User Weight
    130 kg
  • Transport Weight (Without Rear Wheels)
    approx. 5.2 kg
  • Total Weight
    approx. 7.8 kg
  • Frame Angle
    75° / 90° V-frame or tapered
  • Total Length
    75°: approx. 830 - 1055 mm / 90°: approx. 760 - 985 mm
  • Total Width
    SW + 170 mm
  • Knee to Heel Length
    290 - 480 mm in increments of 10 mm
  • Seat Width
    320 - 500 mm in increments of 20 mm
  • Seat Depth
    350 - 525 mm in increments of 25 mm
  • Seat Height
    front: 450 - 520 mm / rear: 380 - 490 mm in increments of 10 mm
  • Backrest Height
    270 - 480 mm in increments of 15 mm
  • Backrest Angle / Recline
    74° / 78° / 82° / 86° / 90°
  • Max Reversing Width
    920 - 1230 mm
  • Centre of Gravity (COG)
    80 mm / 95 mm / 110 mm / 125 mm / 140 mm
  • Max Incline
  • Colour Options
    Frame Colours: Black Mat, Glossy Black, Ivory White, Silver Grey, Smokey Grey, Royal Blue, Royal Red. - CPS Colours: Techno-Anthracite, Comet Red, Copper Glaze, Champagne, B-Blue, Arctic Blue, Olive.

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