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Kuschall Ultra Light Wheelchair

Go anywhere. Do anything.

The Kuschall Ultra-Light is a light and compact wheelchair designed to suit an active lifestyle, offering both high mobility and independence.

A foldable active wheelchair offers the ultimate support when needed.

The combination of design, driving performance as well as manoeuvrability results in an ultra-light wheelchair that delivers on performance.

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So small. So gigantic.

When we designed the Ultra-Light, we asked ourselves what the most important thing was when you're packing it away. Or when you're transporting it as luggage. Or take the train. The answer was a special cross fold like nothing you've ever seen before. We sited the pivot point so perfectly that you can collapse the Ultra-Light with one finger. It's so good, you'll never want to pack it away. And so light, you won't need to.

Performance doesn't need much room.

We know how much value you place on compact dimensions. Along with a fold-away back, you can get the most out of your Ultra-Light. Collapse it down to a gobsmacking 29 cm, and stow it away wherever, and whenever, you like. It's got everything you could want from a foldaway wheelchair. And more.

Built to last. And to do everything else too.

The idea behind a Kuschall wheelchair has never changed: We want to create the best travel experience possible. That goes for the Ultra-Light, too. The single-piece carbon footplate doesn't just look seriously chic, but also makes your foldaway wheelchair incredibly strong. And if it ever gets in your way, you can easily snap it to one side. It all makes for a fascinating Kuschall experience - a big step forward.

Every detail counts. Even the ones you can't see.

The rigidity of this foldaway wheelchair didn't just appear overnight. Our engineers have thought through every component for you in the most minute detail. And they have hidden many invisible little solutions away that give the Ultra-Light its stability. Uncompromising artistry makes for a dazzling design.


  • Maximum User Weight
    130 kg
  • Transport Weight (Without Rear Wheels)
    approx. 7.2 kg
  • Total Weight
    approx. 10.1 kg
  • Total Length
    70°: approx. 880 mm, 80°: approx. 830 mm
  • Total Width
    SW + 180 mm
  • Folded Width
    approx. 290 mm
  • Knee to Heel Length
    200 - 510 mm in increments of 10 mm
  • Seat Width
    280 - 500 mm in increments of 20 mm
  • Seat Depth
    320 - 500 mm in increments of 20 mm
  • Seat Height
    Front: 430 - 530 mm, Rear: 390 - 500 mm in increments of 10 mm
  • Backrest Height
    300 - 510 mm in increments 15 mm
  • Backrest Angle / Recline
    82° / 86° / 90° / 94° / 98° / 102°
  • Max Reversing Width
    920 - 1230 mm
  • Max Incline
  • Additional Information
    Crash Tested - Fulfills the requirements of ISO 7176-19
  • Colour Options
    Frame Colour: Black Mat, Glossy Black, Ivory White, Silver Grey, Smokey Grey, Royal Blue, Royal Red, Dynamite Orange, Mercury Blue, Nitro Pink, Atomic Violet, Night Shimmer, Purple Fire. - CPS: Chrome

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