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Ottobock Kimba Neo

Soft, cuddly and just right for children!

On the way to school, nursery or therapy - travelling by car, bus, train or on foot: Your child needs good support, but without limiting their ability to enjoy their surroundings and take in the world around them.

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Our rehabilitation pushchairs and to help your children do just that whilst maintaining their comfort and happiness. The buggies in the Kimba Family are customisable and adapt to suit the individual needs of your child.

Overall, the Kimba Neo adapts not only to your child but offer these vital features:

  • Individually adjustable to the respective activity thanks to a wide range of settings
  • Comfortable and shock-absorbing, the Kimba Neo can prevent spasms
  • Extra-soft padding on head supports for a high level of comfort
  • Foot and head supports, hip and thoracic supports as well as the pommel can be flexibly adjusted

Fast switching to the rest position

With the seat tilt mechanism, you can tip the seat to various positions: The rest position relieves strain on your child's spine. The active position activates the muscles in the torso. Even though you can switch between the active and rest positions with ease, all original settings are retained.

Continously adjustable backrest angle

The back support adapts to the needs of the child. The knee and hip angle can be continuously adjusted in parallel as well. The angles can also be adjusted to more or less than 90 degrees.

Reclining position

The Kimba Neo rehab buggy is even suitable for sleeping, because it can be adjusted to the horizontal. This is especially handy for nappy changes.

Changing the line of vision

The seat can be easily rotated in the direction of travel or the opposite direction. This ensures a quick response in case of seizures. You always maintain close contact and can see your child.


  • Age Range
    1 - 10 years
  • Max Load Capacity (Maximum User Weight)
    40 kg
  • Weight
    7 kg - 8.5 kg
  • Lower Leg Length
    140 - 370 mm
  • Seat Width
    200 - 350 mm
  • Seat Depth
    190 - 400 mm
  • Backrest Height
    410 - 700 mm
  • Backrest Angle / Recline
    80° - 180°
  • Folded Size
    L580 x W370 x H420 mm / L590 x W430 x H580 mm

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