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Quickie Q300 M Mini

Ultra narrow (520 mm) powerchair

Go where other powerchairs can't. With a 520mm width and 1120mm turning circle, the Q300 M Mini is born for small spaces and tight corners.

Just as agile outdoors, its patented all-wheel suspension will keep you safe and stable at all times. Tackling 70 mm kerbs are a breeze with 14" drive wheels. You can even go off-path with super-strong 4 pole motors that'll power through where others turn back. And with 36km range, you won't need to anytime soon.

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Packed with plenty of powered options, a fully-adjustable seating system and all of the above, what's not to love?


Fed up of being told where you can't go? The Q300 M Mini's ultra-compact 520 mm base is so ridiculously narrow, it'll go where others can't.

True Mid-Wheel-Drive Technology

True mid-wheel-drive is when the powerchair's drive wheels are aligned central to its length. If positioned towards the front or rear, the turning circle is wider (as there's more of the powerchair to swing around). There's also less weight on the drive wheel, reducing traction. The Q300 M Mini provides the most-compact turning circle with increased traction thanks to its true mid-wheel drive design.

Tiny 1120 mm Turning Circle

Thanks to its true mid-wheel-drive technology, the Q300 M Mini turns on the spot for an ultra-small turning circle of just 1120 mm. In comparison, RWD and FWD powerchairs need to 'swing' around on its front or rear drive wheels, so the turning circle is wider.

Short 1060 mm Base Length

At just 1060 mm in length (with centre-mount legrest), the Q300 M Mini conveniently fits in-and-out of the smallest lifts and tight spaces with ease. It's also light enough (from 103 kg) to be compatible with most floor lifts too.

Easy Transfers

Struggling with transfers? Available with a variety of swing-away legrests, armrests and controllers, the Q300 M Mini will give you the extra space to get closer to objects like tables and chairs.


Experience a true compact powerchair with truly sensational outdoor performance. Narrow and nimble in a crowded city and packing big powerchair outdoor performance, it's streets ahead of the competition.

Anti-Pitch Technology

Traditionally when a powerchair comes to a halt on a slope, the stopping motion will jolt you forwards. That problem has been eliminated with anti-pitch technology - so you're kept safe and stable in your seat.

All-Wheel Independent Suspension

The patented all-wheel independent suspension ensures all six wheels remain on the ground whilst climbing and transitioning obstacles. Any shocks or bumps are absorbed by the wheel's suspension, providing a soft and smooth ride.

Climb Kerbs of up to 70 mm

Don't you hate it when there's no drop-kerb in sight? Thankfully the Q300 M Mini with its 300 mm (12") drive wheels can handle kerbs of up to 50 mm so there's no need to take the long way round. Need to handle something a bit trickier? Upgrade to 355 mm (14") drive wheels and tackle kerbs of up to 70 mm.

Powerful 4-Pole Motors

With 40+ years of experience, Quickie has developed longer-lasting, highly efficient motors with the performance, drivability and range that others just can't match.

Range of up to 36 km

Powered by punchy 56 Ah batteries, the Q300 M Mini takes you anywhere you want to go with an impressive range of up to 36 km.

Powered Options

Elevate up to 300 mm whilst travelling 4.8 kph and move shoulder-to-shoulder with everyone around you. Unlike others, the suspension doesn't lock-out either, so you get a smooth and comfortable ride from start to finish. You can even lift or descend at the touch of a button with no need to stop while transitioning either.

Seating System

Combining an adjustable and configurable seating frame with the broadest choice of support and positioning options, the Sedeo Lite adapts and changes with you.

Sedeo Flexible Back

Instead of a solid base, the Flexi-Back wraps around and contours to the shape of your spine, providing complete contact, comfort and stability. Similarly, the integrated laterals 'hug' your sides, forcing the foam to mould to your anotomical curves. The laterals are independently adjustable to help atabilise and align your trunk too. It's such an adjustable, supportive and immersive back that even those with moderate-to-severe kyphotic postures or spinal scoliosis can sit much more upright without any sacrifice to comfort!

Universal Headrest

This universal headrest mount is compatible with Sedeo and Whitmyer headrests, which help to address a range of needs from basic support to multiple-point control.

Flip-Back Armrests

Just flip these armrests backwards for greater space when transferring in-and-out of your chair. Also available as a removable or reclining version.

Cushion and Backrest Options

The standard, height adjustable back provides a breathable, soft cover with 4 tension-adjustable straps to cater for a variety of postures. Upgrade to a Sedeo or Jay back and cushion to increase comfort and positioning.

Seat Rail Technology

The integrated seat rail offers many mounting options for positioning elements like lateral thoracic, thigh and knee supports. Simply attach and slide into position!

Length Compensating, Swing-Away Legrests

Easily adjustable in length to achieve the best possible fit, these legrests swing-away for easier transfers in-and-out of your powerchair. Also available as a powered elevating and centre-mount.

Accessorise all areas

The Q300 M Mini is packed with over 98 combined colour options - including exciting new pattern frame shroud designs!


  • Max Speed
    6 kph / 8 kph / 10 kph
  • Battery
    41 Ah / 56 Ah
  • Battery / Distance Range
    Up to 36 km (with 56 Ah batteries)
  • Max Load Capacity (Maximum User Weight)
    136 kg
  • Total Weight
    From 103 kg (41Ah batteries)
  • Max Obstacle Height (That can be cleared)
    50 mm (12" Wheels) / 70 mm (14" Wheels)
  • Width
    520 mm (12" Wheels) / 540 mm (13" Wheels) / 570 mm (14" Wheels)
  • Length
    From 1060 mm
  • Front Wheel
  • Rear Wheel
    12" / 13" / 14"
  • Centre of Gravity (COG)
  • Turning Radius
    560 mm
  • Max Incline
  • Seat Height
    415 - 490 mm
  • Seat Width
    385 - 510 mm
  • Seat Depth
    410 - 510 mm
  • Seat Tilt
    0° - 6° (Fixed Tilt)
  • Backrest Height
    460 - 510 mm
  • Backrest Angle / Recline
    -4° to 16°
  • Electronics
    VR2 / R-Net
  • Powered Seat Lift
    300 mm
  • Powered Seat Tilt
  • Additional Information
    Light And Indicators

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