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Quickie Q500 M Sedeo Pro

Superb indoor manoeuvrability, outstanding outdoor performance

Make your own adventure with the Q500 M, combining the very best drive base in its class with a new suspension system for maximum traction and comfort outdoors.

A compact chassis and tight turning circle also allow for easy navigation indoors.

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The Q500 M is the perfect powerchair for those who want it all.

Evolution of mid-wheel drive performance

The Quickie Q500 M base balances superb indoor manoeuvrability with outstanding outdoor performance and head-turning style, whilst the updated suspension system delivers a more responsive, firm and comfortable ride.

All of this combined with the benefits of the highly adjustable and fully configurable Sedeo® Pro seating and the most advanced controls, creates the perfect powered wheelchair for any adventure.

Travel with confidence

With ultra-reliable high torque 4-pole motors powering speeds of 6, 8, 10 or 13 kph and a choice of 60 or 80 Ah batteries to maximise your range, you can always travel in confidence with the Q500 M Sedeo Pro.


Turning on its own axis, enjoy intuitive driving and excellent manoeuvrability in tight compact spaces with its narrow (620 mm) base and a 560-630 mm turning radius.

Also, easily sit under tables and access Wheelchair Adaptive Vehicles (WAVs) with a low seat height from just 415 mm.

All-wheel suspension

Enjoy a smooth and stable ride, even over rough terrain, with Quickie's patented all-wheel suspension - six independently suspended wheels absorb all those bumps.

Quickie's anti-pitch technology eliminates pitching on slopes, and with all your weight located directly above the drive wheel to maximise traction you've never been in a safer driving position.

Motors and Batteries

Enjoy power and speed at your fingertips with the 4-pole high torque motors. Choose from 6 kph as standard, or upgrade to 10 or 13 kph (low torque) for the ultimate performance.

Plus, with a choice of 60 Ah or 80 Ah batteries, you can maximise your range up to 40 km and experience outdoor performance like never before!

Sedeo Pro - Made to order seating

The Sedeo Pro seating system combines a highly adjustable and configurable seating frame with an excellent choice of support options, including a wide range of Sedeo Pro seat cushions and backrests for mild to medium clinical needs.

The Sedeo Pro is very comfortable to use and enhances user independence in everyday life.

Tailored seating

The flexible back cushion forms to your shape to deliver unique comfort and positioning. Add an anti-shear backrest (with 10 mm of anti-shear) to prevent sliding and combine this with a power elevating legrest to achieve a comfortable sleeping position.

Choose from a range of Sedeo and Whitmyer headrests and add flip-back armests for easier transfers.

Quick and easy to adjust

The Sedeo Pro frame offers great flexibility as it is fully adjustable. All adjustments can be easily and quickly made with just one tool.

Positioning elements

A wide range of Whitmyer headrests and Jay cushions and backs are available with the Sedeo Pro seating systems to meet everyone's clinical needs and ensure the best seating possible.

Created to address a range of user needs from basic support to multiple-point control, Whitmyer headrests come in a variety of pad shapes and sizes for superior head positioning and comfort.

Designed for pelvic stability, skin protection and comfort, Jay cushions and backs are low maintenance, highly customisable and are available in a large variety to meet your needs.

Control at your fingertips

Control your environment with the Q500 M Sedeo Pro and its advanced controller technology. Available with the reliable VR2 control and the superior R-Net advanced joystick, the large, easy-to-read HD display and simple to control paddle switches allow for intuitive operation.


Seamlessly take control of your environment using the integrated infra-red functionality. Control your TV, docking stations and other home entertainment systems easily via your joystick.

Bluetooth & iDrive

Control your phone, computer, tablet and any other bluetooth and i-devices with this useful optional extra. Connect and control up to four devices.

Quickie Patented Assignable Buttons

Change the function of any button on your joystick to any command you desire, thanks to Quickie's patented assignable buttons.

You can also assign a second (long press) function to buttons, for quicker, simpler and smoother access to commonly used functions without having to use your joystick.

Sedeo Flexible Back

Instead of a solid base, the Flexi-Back wraps around and contours to the shape of your spine, providing complete contact, comfort and stability. Similarly, the integrated laterals 'hug' your sides, forcing the foam to mould to your anotomical curves.

The laterals are independently adjustable to help atabilise and align your trunk too.

It's such an adjustable, supportive and immersive back that even those with moderate-to-severe kyphotic postures or spinal scoliosis can sit much more upright without any sacrifice to comfort!


  • Max Speed
    6 & 8 kph (standard), 10 & 13 kph (optional)
  • Battery
    60 Ah, 80 Ah (optional)
  • Battery / Distance Range
    Max. 40 km (with 80 Ah batteries)
  • Base Weight
    130 kg
  • Max Load Capacity (Maximum User Weight)
    160 kg
  • Max Obstacle Height (That can be cleared)
    50 mm
  • Width
    610 - 620 mm
  • Length
    1280 mm
  • Turning Radius
    Max. 630 mm
  • Max Incline
  • Seat Height
    415 - 490 mm
  • Seat Width
    380 - 560 mm
  • Seat Depth
    400 - 560 mm
  • Backrest Height
    440 - 560 mm
  • Backrest Angle / Recline
    90° to 150°
  • Electronics
    VR2, R-Net
  • Crash Tested
    This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19

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