Introducing the Avantgarde CV from Otto Bock

Introducing the Avantgarde CV from Otto Bock
04 Nov 2016

Otto Bock is a big name in the mobility industry, particularly when it comes to wheelchairs. In our Cumbria Mobility shops in Carlisle and Morecambe, we’ve recently introduced the Avantgarde CV from Otto Bock – a manual wheelchair for adults with some equally grownup features.

Avantgarde CV – a personal choice
This innovative, new wheelchair is available in no less than nineteen different colours including Ice Blue, Clear Reptile Glossy, Snake Clear Red, Sparkle Granny Smith, and Brilliant Silver. This means that you can choose your preferred shade for the chair’s frame, and also request it with any modular add-on components that you require, resulting in a unique, personalised manual wheelchair that reflects your personality.

Precision handling
There’s a whole lot more to the Avantgarde CV than good looks as Otto Bock has designed it to deliver a flawless performance. The vertical anterior frame, swing-away, and removable footrest holders can be easily disengaged, even with limited hand functionality, enabling you to approach and transfer yourself to your chair, bed, and bath with precision and minimum discomfort.

Thanks to the lightweight materials used to make the chair, it only weighs 12kg, even though it can comfortably accommodate users weighing up to 140kg. And, to make it even easier to transport, Otto Bock has designed the brake lever to fold down in the locked position and the centrally positioned double cross brace to allow quick and easy disassembly.

Avantgarde CV wheelchairs can be ordered with optional accessories including cushions and wheelblades.

The Aquos cushion uses ultra-thin LiquiCell packets and rest suspension foam to protect your skin and provide a stable and comfortable seating area that doesn’t bottom out.

The Terra cushion is even lighter than the Aquaos (N.B., it weighs under two pounds), and also uses Otto Bock’s exclusive rest suspension foam to deliver a durable seating pad that’s exceptionally comfortable.

As anyone who lives in Carlisle or Morecambe knows, the North-West is prone to snowing in the winter months, and slippery surfaces can be a significant hazard for wheelchair users. Thanks to Otto Bock’s wheelblades, you can minimise that sinking feeling by attaching them to the chair’s front wheels with a simple click, allowing for easy steering even in deep snow.

The Avantgarde CV is one of three wheelchairs in the Avantgarde range, and is considered the all-rounder of the trio. If you’re looking for a chair that’s ultra-light, you may wish to take a closer look at the Avantgarde CLT. Or, if you require a wheelchair that’s highly manoeuvrable, stable, and agile over long distances as well as in tight spaces, the CS may be better suited to your needs.

Request a demonstration from Cumbria Mobility today!
If you’re unsure which Otto Bock Avantgarde chair is right for you, Cumbria Mobility would be delighted to talk you through all three models in either our Carlisle or Morecambe store. Alternatively, you can contact us online to request a demonstration in the comfort of your own home. We serve customers with mobility and disability issues across Lancashire, North Yorkshire, and Cumbria, and also work alongside occupational therapists to help find solutions for their patients.