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Invacare® Rea Dahlia 30

Rea Dahlia 30

A versatile compact chair for people with changing needs.

The Invacare® Rea Dahlia has been designed to have it all, a desirable slim and compact wheelbase in a modern design. It incorporates an adjustable centre of gravity option and a light and easy tilt and recline function. For those seeking mobility with comfort and pressure relief, this versatile chair is perfect for both passive and active clients alike.

The Dahlia 30.

The Invacare Dahlia 30 is an ideal chair for more able clients who can readily propel themselves.  It is an ideal chair for foot propelling as the seat height can be set as low as 325mm.  There
is also a self tilt option which allows an individual the ability to change their posture to suit themselves.

Benefits of the Dahlia 30 are:

■ Easy to manoeuvre – self propel rear wheels, easily accessible
■ Small overall width – narrow footprint
■ Centre of gravity adjustment allows better weight distribution, allowing lighter pushing and easy turning capabilities.
■ Stable – DSS, Dual Stability system maintains chair stability in every tilt position
■ Light and smooth tilt and recline action
■ Component Cross-Compatibility from the Invacare® family

Your doorway to freedom.

Maneuverability around the home can be a real issue for wheelchair users, and Invacare put great consideration into creating versatile chairs that are ideal for use in the home.  The Invacare Rea Dahlia 30 goes a step further in design, by providing a compact frame capable of passing easily through narrow spaces and doorways.

Features and options.

The Invacare Rea Dahlia has an a great number of features and options to make for a comfortable experience for the individual.  The Dahlia 30 in the first 10° of tilt the front seat height is only raised a small amount allowing the feet to remain close to the floor.  There are options for individual tailored or moulded seating.  The Matrx® is available as an option. It provides a stable and firm support to the body. The Matrx® Elite Deep has a built-in lateral support and the Matrx® Elite has a mild contour, which allows a greater range of movement.  The Dahlia also comes with many more features, such as adjustable centre of gravity, anti tip feet, optional tension adjustable backrest, seat plate and back plate extensions for custom seat options and much more.

Technical Information

Features :

  • Easy to manoeuvre – with easily accessible self propel rear wheels.
  • Small overall width – Narrow footprint for ultimate mobility.
  • Centre of gravity adjustment – for best weight distribution and best maneuverability.
  • (DSS) Dual Stability system – maintains stability in every chair tilt position.
  • Light, easy and smooth tilt and recline action
  • Component Cross-Compatibility from the Invacare family.
  • Rear wheel adjustment.

Technical specifications :

  • Seat width : 390-450/440-500/490-550 mm – 16″ (390-490/440-540/490-590 mm)
  • Seat depth : 430 – 500 mm
  • Seat height : 30° : 330 – 500 mm – 45° : 350 – 500 mm
  • Backrest height : 500 – 800 mm (without seat cushion)
  • Seat Adjustment:  250 – 320 mm
  • Leg Adjustment:  330 – 500 mm
  • Leg Tilt:  30°: –1 – 30° – 45°: 0 – 45°
  • Back Rest Tilt:  0° – 30°
  • Total width : SW + 160 mm (16”)  SW + 180 mm (24”)
  • Total height: 30°: 825 – 1250 mm – 45°: 850 – 1250 mm
  • Total length : 900 – 1180 mm
  • Total weight: >35kg 1
  • Max. User weight : max. 135 kg (21.25 stone)