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Matrx Flo-tech Lite Visco

The Invacare Matrx Flo-tech Lite Visco cushion is high density and temperature sensitive to the body, allowing it to conform to the person's shape. This affords exceptional levels of comfort whilst reducing the occurrence of peak pressures. This low profile cushion format is ideal for both chair and wheelchair use, facilitating side transfers.

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Low profile visco elastic (memory) foam cushion offering exceptional comfort.

Visco Elastic (memory) foam designed to maximise body contact area. The temperature-sensitive foam conforms to the body, maximising the contact area, delivering exceptional levels of comfort and optimising pressure reduction.

Three dimensional anatomically shaped visco elastic foam for pressure redistribution and ride comfort.

Can also be helpful in reducing the tendency to forwards slide.

Polyurethene base layer to protect against bottoming out.

Technical Specifation

Height: 3” / 78mm
Weight: 1.26kg
Max. User Weight: 100kg (16 stone)
Cleaning: Machine washable at 80°
Warranty: 3 years
Interior Foam: BS EN 597-1, BS EN 597-2, BS 5852: Crib 5
Cover: BS 7175: Crib 5
Grade Ref & Colour:
Soft: Gr: LM 85/115 Blue
Medium: Gr: LM 85/150 Blue
Firm: Gr: LM 85/190 Blue
Nominal Density Range (Kg/m): 75-85
Nominal Hardness Range (N):
Soft: 90-120
Medium: 120-150
Firm: 155-195
Fatigue Class: N/A
Foam densities available:

Available in three densities to accommodate a range of client weights:

Soft: 5 stone (up to 32 kg),
Medium: 8 stone (up to 51 kg),
Firm: 16 stone (up to 100 kg)