Otto Bock A200 Front Side View
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Otto Bock A200 Power wheelchair

The most compact power wheelchair in its class!

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Stowed in the car in seconds!

The A200 can be taken apart in just a few steps so that it even fits into the trunk of a Smart car. The entire electronic system is integrated in a single box. This means you no longer have to deal with annoying cables and can easily take the wheelchair with you on holiday. Backrest angle in various positions.

Narrow and manoeuvrable

This narrow and manoeuvrable power wheelchair allows you to get into all the corners and navigate around furniture without any problems in your house or apartment, at your friends, or at your workplace. You can also cross obstacles such as carpet edges or steps in the floor up to a height of four centimetres safely with the A200. And with the optional curb climber you can climb up to approx. 8 cm.

Fully customisable

With the A200, you are flexible: The high-quality power wheelchair offers many adjustment options and can be adapted precisely to your personal requirements. This includes the ability to adjust the seat at three different angles and the back rest angle in various positions. Many extras are available to equip the wheelchair further including puncture-proof tires, contour seat, foot rests that can be mechanically raised, or an installation kit for head rests.

Technical Information

Technical Data Dimensions (cm) Frame Colour Options
Maximum speed 6 km/h Total width 57 cm Silver metallic
Battery capacity 28 Ah Total length without legrests 77 cm Sparkle Red
Distance range approx. 20 km Total length with legrests 100 cm
Maximum charging time 12 h Turning radius 70 cm
Max. load 100 kg Seat height (seat plate 3°) 43 or 48 cm
Weight when empty 66 kg Seat width 38 – 42 cm
Max. obstacle 40 mm Seat depth 38 – 46 cm
Permissible ascent 12 % Armrest height 24 – 36 cm
Seat inclination 0°/3°/6° Backrest height 45/55 cm
Back angle -9°/1°/11°/21° or 0°/10°/20°/30° Backrest width 40 cm
Lower leg length 25 – 44 cm