Otto Bock Start XXL

Otto Bock Start XXL

Otto Bock Start XXL Lightweight Folding Wheelchair. Designed to be the more robust of the lightweight models with its sturdy double cross brace and reinforced rear wheels it can carry up to 160kg and withstand extreme stress and strain. Optional back stabiliser bar improves stability and can be swung out of the way for folding. Comes in seat size 50.5cm, 55.5cm, 58cm.

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The Otto Bock Start XXL is the ideal choice for larger individuals, supporting loads of up to 160 kilograms. This stable wheelchair is available with a seat width of up to 58 cm and a seat depth of up to 49cm. A double cross brace and rear wheels with reinforced spokes ensure strength and durability, while elements such as adjustable backrest height and adjustable rear axle position allow optimal wheelchair setup.

Technical Information

Seat width 45.5 − 58 cm
Seat depth 43 − 49 cm
Back height 40 − 47.5 cm
Weight from approx. 17.5 kg
Seat height, front 39.5 − 52 cm
Seat height, back 37 − 52 cm
Maximum load 160 kg
Lower leg length 31 − 47 cm