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Ottobock Juvo Power Wheelchair

Power wheelchair for more independence.

The innovative modular system in the Ottobock Juvo has been specifically designed to be the most versatile power wheelchair available.  Each unit can be made bespoke to cater for the users medical needs, meaning whatever your requirements are, the Juvo is ready to support you through your daily routines and weekend activities.

The right power drive for you.

One of the many options of the Ottobock Juvo is whether your chair is front wheel drive or rear wheel drive.  The rear wheel drive is a popular choice, having great power distribution for performance and speed, this setup is good for a mixed use of indoor and outdoor.  The front wheel drive has a great climbing performance when tackling obstacles such as curbs, and is particularly useful when navigating indoors due to it’s ability to turn on a tighter circle.  This setup has particular driving characteristics which you may want to trial first.

Seating Options.

Your comfort and support is the most important interface between you and your wheelchair and Ottobock know the importance of getting the right seat for each individual user.  This is why the Ottobock Juvo comes with many different options to fit the your requirements.  Seating options include Vario adjust seating to precisely match individual measurements, contour seating developed by experts in the fields of physiotherapy and occupational therapy to offer ultimate support, comfort and safety and further options for cushioning and back support.

The right control.

One of the many benefits of the modular design of the Ottobock Juvo is its versatility in control of the chair.  If the Juvo standard joystick doesn’t work for you, the mini joystick offers an easy and versatile way of operating the chair and can be fitted on a swing away arm for operation with the chin or lips.

Speak to one of our specialists to discuss your requirements.

Technical Information

Technical data
Speeds:  6 / 7.2 / 10 km/h
Rated battery capacity: 63 Ah (C5) / 74 Ah (C20) gel batteries (standard equipment)
Driving distance range: (according to ISO 7176-4) 35 km
Control device: VR2 or Ottobock TEN°
Maximum load: chassis size 1: 140 kg, chassis size 2: 160 kg
Obstacle height the wheelchair
is able to overcome: front-wheel drive: 100 mm, rear-wheel drive: 60 mm, optionally 100 mm
Climbing ability: (ISO 7176-2) 10° / 17%
Min. turning radius: 965 mm
Total width chassis size: 1: 600 mm,
chassis size 2: 640 mm
Seat height (depending on seating solution): 400 – 550 mm
Seat width: 340 – 560 mm
Seat depth: 340 – 500 mm
Back support angle: 0° to + 30°
Seat tilt: 45° electric
Seat inclination: -3° / 0° / 3° / 6°
Back support height: 450 / 550 mm
Arm support height: 225 – 350 mm
Lower leg length: 250 – 540 mm
Max. charging time: 12 h
Weight from: 107 kg